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Machine Learning AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Machine Learning AI (Artificial Intelligence)


This is the future of and famous technology of data science. The people who are already aware of this technical term AI and its computing models are the heart of modern world. AI can deeply identify the business conclusions with less and limited amount of time. The Main purpose of AI is to replace the humans while taking sophisticated decision, using data inputted into a system and then applying code to help computers to make more intelligent decision based on the possible outcome. It is basically more useful in the world of business and it also helping large organizations while taking useful decision in complex situations. AI can also speed up the process and to generate so much of data in every single second.

AI can cover a vast area and there are lots of example keep doing AI technology. For example a driver less car can dive in certain situations and if any traffic occur in the way suddenly it will stop. So the Machine learning AI can work and take decisions on accurate time level. There is one most important thing in AI is the harder decisions, the loss of life can be minimized. T be the extend many of the voice assistant system such as Google Now, Siri, Cortana are use AI to make decision based on your commands. This will help to get more details about any of the things in google.

Week AI vs Strong AI

We can divide the AI level as weaker and Stronger level. So in a market there is a lots of daily basis consumer products we can call them as Weaker AI. For example apple’s Siri is working and solving very much intelligent task but it is also restrictive, predefined manner that can acquire a lesser result. So the decisions and the predictions are to be less in weaker AI

In stronger AI can predict the ultimate result and predictions and result in more detail and more descriptive way. I t the actual and most useful AI machine learning strategy to behave like a human. So a weaker AI can predict and guide more intelligent way so it will be useful and helpful more comprehensive situations.

Applied VS General

In applied or narrow AI focus on a specific tasks. This may have most successful application in industry. So in Narrow AI can make huge recommendation based on past behavior and ingesting huge amount of data to make most accurate and correct predictions. Using this Applied AI you can recognize diagnoses , recognize images and trade stock and share.

General AI is the more accurate form of AI. Insted of focusing a single task we can apply that huge data in all tasks. Same like humans if it is correct and accurate apply that into entire full situations web technology training in kochi

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