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Starting off with RHCSA and RHCE


The latest version of redhat operating system is Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 is more strong operating system compared to other server redhat linux os, they’re becoming vessels for containerized applications. RHEL 7 performed well in testing, but it’s worth noting that this no longer just a simple OS – it’s an increasingly abstracted component in the larger Red Hat ecosystem.the main advantage of redhat is it is an open source.
Although Red Hat took a long time between the RHEL 6 and 7 releases, during that period they’ve been sending numerous updates poised towards stable infrastructure.and that gives stability to the os
Another key point is the redhat linux virtualization part it is very core seems to have taken a back seat to Linux Containers in the redhat linux as Red Hat has embraced and financially sponsored Docker containerizing components in a number of ways.

The redhat certification courses in kochi path begins with an entry-level certification – Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA). In this exam, the questions like configuring basic Linux administration commands like creating users and groups, managing file system permissions including POSIX access control lists (ACLs), creating cron tab jobs,onthe basis of SELinux, managing software packages with yum, creating and mounting local file systems, working with LVM, network configuration, mounting NFS and SMB file systems and firewall configuration. If you can solve this problem you can get the certification in RHCSA

After passing the RHSA exam the next exam will be the – the Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) exam. The main focus of this exam is to configure the configuration files in the redhat linux operating system,and troubleshoot the configuration files in the os (, configuration of Apache web server including HTTPS, running Maria DB, configuration of NFS and SMB servers and basic shell scripting. Based on the experience from the RHCSA exam,that completed earlier you have some idea about this exam and how to prepare for this.and this exam is loaded with lots of configuration file editing and configuring the linux configuration file

Climbing to the top

After becoming a Red Hat Certified Engineer you can go for the the Red Hat Certified Architect (RHCA) certification. To achieve this highest level of certification, you had to pass five additional exams based on your own selection. Linux redhat provides about more exams to choose you to from, divided into trades like Datacenter, DevOps, Application platform or Cloud. The concentrations are only advisory. You can pick exams across concentrations.

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