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What is Block chain and how to become a block chain developer

What is Block chain and how to become a block chain developer?


Block chain is like a database for string large amount of information. The data’s are stored in called “Blocks”. Each and every block are interconnected with each other.
The data’s inside these blocks are very secure using the technology such as cryptography. The application which is developed using block-chain technology is called as dApps.
The members which is connected to the clusters or network can be termed as nodes.. The most popular block chain development platforms are ETHEREUM and NEO. Etherum was developed by
Vitalik Buterin in 2015 and NEO was developed by Da Hongfei in 2014. These two platforms are used for developing dApps. The NEO dApps are developed by using normal programming languages
such as java and C#. If we are using ETHERUM has its own programming languages such as Solidity. Solidity is some what similar to C++ and java Script.
The main features of block chains are

1 Decentralized

The blocks are stored in different machines there is no center authority to manage the blocks. Block-chain is also known as peer to peer network. The computers connected to this network is known as nodes
Each and every machine can communicate with each other without having any third party such as google, Microsoft or Facebook. So there is not a central server to manage these chain and any one
need to connect with a chain directly.

2 Public

The data inside every block is public means every one can connect .

3 Guiding consensus

When we are adding data into blocks , more than half of the nodes has to give confirmation before adding. So we can protect the data from fraud users

4 Immutable.

The data which is added to the block is immutable means cannot change the data. while adding it will encrypt so no one can change and hack the files

How To Become a Block chain Developer

1 Learn cryptography currency. To do this you can refer Bitcoin forums on Reddit.
2 Buy some crypto currency . So if you purchase crypto currency you will get a broad idea about block chain.
3 Try to learn Block chain programming such as Space Doggos or Crypto zombies.
4 Try to learn more advance Solidity course
5 Learn coding , you have to develop dApps.

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