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Why Use AngularJS?

Maintained by Google, AngularJS is a Model-View- Whatever (MVW) open source JavaScript framework that enables developers to develop single-page applications. As a new and up to date framework, it’s powerful as well as extendable for mullti purposes and is a great tool for developers.

Angular is a robust and dynamic Java Script based development framework which is used to create single page applications. This is also an open source framework backed by Google which is widely popular for creating dynamic apps as its data binding and dependency injection features significantly helps in reducing the time duration taken for code writing.
The past few years has been very eventful in the history of AngularJS, with two major upgrades coming out during 14 months and currently Angular 6.0 is also going to release. Angular 5.0 has now arrived. And Angular 5.0 upgrade is focused on making the framework faster and significantly easier to use.

To keep up with the latest developments in this popular JavaScript framework, Thincor brings you this course on Angular Training. Get familiar with the fundamentals of this language to build SPA applications that will help your business achieve faster ROI due to lesser development and maintenance cost, and faster accessibility.

  • Angular Introduction
  • Angular Modules
  • Angular Directives
  • Angular Controllers
  • Angular Scopes
  • Angular filters
  • Angular HTTP
  • Angular SQL
  • Angular DOM
  • Angular Events and validation
  • Angular Aoolication