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Course Objectives

After the completion of the Analytical Skills Course at thincor, you should be able to understand:

  • Data Types and operators
  • Preprocessors, compilers, and linkers
  • Variables and Qualifiers
  • Various types of loops such as While loop, For loop, Do While loop
  • Various Functions in C, arrays, and Strings in C
  • Structures and Pointers in C

 Who should go for this course?

Who chooses to do this course is a frequently asked question. We would say that students who would like to make a career in programming can choose this course.

Why Learn C Programming & Data Structures?

Learning C and data structures has helped several students because most of the employers are in the lookout for those with the knowledge of C.To be a part of the IT industry one must have the necessary knowledge of C and Data structures.

When it comes to developing an iPad app, creating unique web applications, or creating games, C Programming is the must. C is the basic foundation for many languages thus it can be said that you can learn any language if you are aware of C.

We have been providing C & C++ Training here at Thincor Academy . Our C & C++ Training primarily focuses on getting placement for all. The syllabus has been designed with a view to provide an overall understanding of the concept of C and C++. We cover all the topics that are necessary to make the students confident enough to face interviews. We have a team of experts who have years of experience in this field. Their dedication and hard work has helped us meet to requirements of our students. Our students are given utmost priority. The faculties provide individual attention to ensure that each and every student understands the topics. Thincor Academy has always attracted students due the best quality training.
Thincor Academy is well equipped with labs, classrooms etc. thus providing a very good atmosphere for learning. We provide projects that helps in a better understanding. All the students who have completed the training have been placed in the top companies. On completion of the course students are given certificates. There are fast track courses also available for those looking to finish it faster.


There are no pre requisites but anyone who has a logical reasoning can definitely take up this course.