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Thincor Academy is the Best Java Frameworks training Institute in Cochin. It has a team of professionals from the same industry along with a well equipped Lab facility. We have trainers who have worked for more than 5years in Java Frameworks and are able to deliver high quality Java Frameworks Training for the students so that the students get the benefit from real time scenarios. Our java trainers provide a detailed description about the theory as well as practical aspects as per the current industry standards. As such it helps students get latest industrial updates and will help them get placed soon

The Course syllabus at Java Frameworks Training Institute in Cochin is carefully crafted to match the industry requirements and up dates. The topics covered in Java Frameworks Training include the latest and best real-time examples that will help students in cracking the interviews and seeking the right job after the completion of Training. Our experienced instructors pay more attention to the major topics from Java Frameworks that have the possibility of being asked by the interviewer during the job selection process eg. face to face round; thus providing confidence to the students while facing job interviews.

Thincor Academy provides Class room training, online training, Weekend classes and Fast track course for Java Frameworks . Students have the option to select the course duration according to their convenience. The Java Frameworks classes are scheduled by the faculty according the batches, thus there are no clashes. The students can complete the course within the time fixed for the same. We have a well equipped Lab where the students have the opportunity to learn while doing. We also provide online as per the requirement of the students.

At present most of the users prefer JAVA as it is one of the best programming languages. There are a lot of frameworks that have made the work of the software developers more easier.

A framework can be defined as a platform that is used for the development of software applications. It consists of functions that help in the processing of input ,managing hardware devices and interaction with system software.


  • Introduction to Frame Works
  • Hibernate Configuration and Mapping
  • What ORM and its Problems
  • Hibernate Components
  • Configuration, SessionFactory , Session
  • What is JPA
  • Hibernate with Servlet Connection
  • CRUD Operation using Session
  • Handling Transation
  • HQL
  • Hibernate Transaction
  • Hibernate Mapping and its types
  • Exercises


  • Struts2 Introduction
  • Core Components
  • Struts2 Architecture
  • Struts2 Action
  • Struts 2 Configuration
  • Interceptors
  • Struts2 Validation
  • Hibernate with Struts2
  • Spring with Struts2


  • Introduction to String
  • What is IoC
  • Dependency Injection and types
  • Spring Definitions using XML and Annotations
  • Spring Autowired
  • Integrating Spring with hibernate
  • MVC Architecture

Java Message Service API

  • Overview 
  • What Is Messaging?
  • When Can You Use the JMS API?
  • Basic JMS API Concepts
  • The JMS API Programming Model
  • Administered Objects
  • Connections
  • Sessions
  • Message Producers
  • Message Consumers
  • Writing Simple JMS Client Applications

Java Server Faces

  • Introduction to JSF
  • JSF Features
  • JSF for Web Application
  • JSF components
  • JSF Tags, Life Cycle & Architecture
  • JSF Renders
  • JSF HTML Tag Reference
  • JSF Core Tag Reference
  • JSF Navigation, JSF with Ajax
  • JSF Facelet Tag Reference
  • Java Message Service API

Logging framework

  • Benefits of Logging framework over Console O/P
  • Available logging frameworks
  • Log4j Vs Slf4j
  • Levels of logging
  • Manage Logger configuration through log4j.xml / logback.xml