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Sub Topics

  1 Programming Fundamentals  

Programming Fundamentals, Algorithms
Java Platform overview, Setting up Java development environment,
First java program, datatypes, arrays, collections, regular exp, flow of controls


  2 DB Concepts & SQL DB concepts, ER, Normalization, SQL fundamentals, functions, groups, joins
RDBMS used – Oracle Express edition  
  3 Software Engineering Fundamentals Introduction to Software Engineering
Basic Concepts of Software Project Management
Basic Concepts of Software Quality
Agile Methodologies  
  4 OOPS Introduction to OOPS,
Object-oriented programming concepts and principles,
Implementing OOPS in Java – Classes, Objects, Encapsulation, Abstraction, Polymorphism, Interfaces  
  5 Adv Java Exception Handling,Java collection API, Generics, Threading, JDBC Programming
Java coding best practices
Basic software testing, Junit  
  6 HTML 5.0, CSS 3.0 & Javascript  1. Introduction to HTML
2. Basic HTML document structure
3. HTML 5.0 Tags
4. Power of CSS
5. Element, Class and ID Selectors
6. Role of Javascript in creating dynamic web pages
7. Declaring variables, functions  
  7 Servelets & JSP Servlets- Enviornment setup, life cycle, form setup, client & server response, cookies, session tracking
JSP- Enviornment setup, life cycle, form setup, client & server response, cookies, session tracking, UML , Web services,  REST API  
  8 JPA & Hibernate Introduction to JPA , Architecture
JPA – ORM Components,Installation
JPA – Entity Managers
JPA – Introduction to JPQL
Hibernate – Overview,Architecture
Hibernate – Sessions, Persistent Class
Hibernate – Mapping files,Mapping Types
Hibernate – O/R Mapping
  9 Basic Spring Spring – Overview, Architecture,Env Setup
Spring – IOC Containers,Bean Definition,Bean Scopes
Spring – Bean Definition,Scope,Lifecycle
Spring – Dependency injection
Spring – Auto Wiring
AOP with Spring framework  
  10 Spring MVC framework Introduction: DispatcherServlet, Handler mappings, Resolving views
Annotation-based controller configuration
Introduction to REST web Services
REST Controllers on the top of MVC
Spring support for JPA
Implementing Spring JPA integration
Spring Data JPA  
  11 Angular 7.0 Angular 7.0 Introduction
Angular 7- Modules, typescript, decorates
Components in Angular
Angular libraries
Angular- Communication between components
Angular – Directives, Data binding & pipes, Forms, dependency injection
Angular – Routing & Navigation