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MEAN stack web development is one of the most popular web development tool based on javascript technology. Mean stack the combination of Mongo DB, Express JS, Angular JS, Node JS, and it has an ability to develop dynamic web applications. This technology is very much famous because it focuses on front-end frameworks and back-end servers as well as databases. As a developer perspective, the developer has to know the javascript well then the remaining all will learn quickly.


MongoDB is a No SQL database and data which is stored in JSON format. We can connect Mongo DB with javascript for developing a web application. Mongo DB depends on architecture based on collections and documents. It is also very much scalable so it can handle a large volume of data. It is also cost effective and can easy to transfer client and server-side data.

Express JS

Express js is the development part of web application. It also helps us to create an MVC application. It acts as server-side programming. Express Js is acting as a middleware it accepts the HTTP request and sends the response to the desired page. It helps to build software on server side along with node js.

Angular JS

Angular js is the front end framework for developing User Interface. It is maintained by Google. Angular user TypeScript for getting workflow.

Node JS

Node Js is built on Linux. It uses Google v8 Engine. It is based on even Driven Architecture that runs on a single thread.

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