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windows server


In windows server there are different types of server os like windows server 2000, windows server 2003, server 2008, server 2012, server 2016 these are the server os that is available in the market. The server or the server os is the os which we can control users and systems in the network. Without micro soft Linux also have the server os like micro soft. Both Linux and micro soft server has their own advantage and disadvantage. In windows server the latest server os is the windows server 2016.using server os we can controlled the each and every network object. The main concept of server os is the active directory using active directory we can control the user and the systems in the networking courses in kochi. Active directory is introduced in the server 2000. And the other main concept in the server os is the dns and dhcp concept. dns concept is which convert the names in to ip and convert ip to name in the case of dhcp it will provide ip address automatically to the client systems. And the expansion of dhcp is (dynamic host configuration protocol)and the expansion of dns server is (domain name system) after active directory the dns and dhcp are the main concept of windows server os. windows server mainly works in the graphics mode but in the case of Linux server its mainly works in the command mode. Server os requires more ram and more capable processor and more storage space to run the server os. normall types of processor will hang the operating system function. And the server os not run in the end user level it is run only in the administration level. So an system administrator is required for controlling the server os .the dhcp and dns roll is in the Linux server also so the core concept of the two servers are same but the structure of the two servers are different. The latest server in Linux is the Linux version 7.we can study the configuration and installation of windows server in the mcse course. in linux this can be studied in the redhat course

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