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Wireless network


Wireless network is commonly known as WiFi wifi networks is used to connect devices with out cables the standard of wifi network is 802.11.in wifi network we can connect mobile laptop pc etc. in wireless we have wireless lan wireless man wireless wan etc. in wireless lan we can connect two devices using our wireless connection In wireless man we can connect two or more wireless lan to gain more access to the network and the wireless wan is covers large area of networks the benefits of wireless connection is easy to setup each connection in this we don’t need cables so it is easy to connect devices in wireless and the next is the strongest security in wifi we can provide strongest security in our wifi network so it is difficult to hack then the next advantage of wireless networking courses in kerala is the expand ability in wireless network we can easily expand in the case of wired network its take cabling to expand the network and the cost is the next advantage of wireless network here we are not using any cables so it will reduce the cost of network and the next is the convenience we can access wifi networks from any where but in the case of wired network we have to use cables to access the network .the standards used in wifi network is 802.11a,802.11b,802.11g,802.11n these are the some example of wifi networks standards 2.4 5ghz is the channel is commonly used in wifi. there are two modes in operation in wireless one is add hope mode which means we don’t need a access point to connect wireless network and the other mode is infrastructure mode here we are using an access point to connect wireless networks. in wireless network is also known as wlan which means wireless lan. in wifi network we provide security for protecting our wifi network normally we provide security for wep and wpa etc which means wired equivalent privacy and wifi protected access. now days wifi network is most commonly used all the IT and non IT companies. generally wifi networks can be used the end users with out any complications wireless networks used in applications like mobiles, business,home application,computerized application etc.

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